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Remove Static Overlays from Video Footage
Remove Logo Now will automatically analyze the video stream, locate and remove static overlays such as channel logos, unwanted subtitles and watermarks.

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Learn How to Remove Watermark from Video


It might be a prudent idea to remove all watermarks from the footage of your videos based on how you want to use it. There is no specific rule on watermarking videos, which is the key factor that grants you flexibility. However, it would be best to make sure that you do not infringe copyrights laws, rules and regulations.

In some cases, watermarks might distract the clear visibility of vital details in a video. For that reason, there are several video watermark remover options that you can apply to remove logo from video. This article talks about the most reliable watermark remover software.

The Best Video Watermark Remover Software

This software describes a Windows program that can enable users to clean up video clips to remove annoying channel logos, text overlays, and distracting watermarks.

video watermark remover

This tool comes with features that allow it to process the videos you add, detect, and remove all types of watermarks automatically. It can also perform the following functions:

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Remove Logos from Video

remove logo from video

The Remove Logo Now! Software will clean up all types of videos and remove most types of watermarks such as the transparent logos and static overlays.

Remove Text from Video

remove text from video

The program features a unique and artificial intelligence algorithm that enables it to remove text watermarks such as time overlays, date overlays, and embedded subtitles. It comes with a smart fill algorithm that can analyze adjacent frames to help patch the frame overlays and, in turn, leave no visible residues.

How to Remove Watermark from Video Step By Step

The process of removing static overlays from your videos using this program is easy. Here are the steps you must follow:

  • First of all, you must download the Remove Logo Now! Software. The procedure to download and install it is very simple. The app features a guide tool that will direct you through the steps up to the completion of the installation process.
  • Next, you will add the video that you want to edit onto the program. The best part of it all is that you can work on several videos at the same time. Nevertheless, removing watermarks on a batch of videos will require that you add videos that feature the same video watermark. add watermarked videos
  • The Find Logo option will help you to detect the video logo automatically. Well, the program features algorithms that enable it to find all types of watermarks that might be present on your videos. Above all, it can detect all transparent overlays. find logo automatically
  • In a case where the program does not detect the video watermark automatically and correctly, it would be best to use the manual tool to select it. The manual tool features a Marker that allows you to choose the video watermark manually. select logo with marker
  • If you are working on a batch of videos that feature a watermark that appears in intervals, you must select the watermark intervals to clean out everything easily. Most importantly, you must click on the Start option to run the batch mode instantly. batch mode, remove logo from multiple videos

Advantages of using Remove Logo Now!

In the past days, it was a must to initiate complicated procedures to remove embedded video logos and watermarks. The procedures could even involve specific types of digital retouching. One of the main challenges that were associated with the old methods was that they left behind traces of the video watermark. Luckily, the Remove Logo Now! Software has the following benefits:

Keeps the Original Video Quality and Bitrates

The good thing with using this program is that it does not hamper with the quality of the video in any way. Apart from the ease of use, the program ensures that it retains the original quality of the video.

remove watermark from videos keeping video quality

This feature is vital mostly if you compare it to the old and ineffective methods. It would be best to ensure that you present your ads using clean and clear HD videos. This software can be the best option for you if you are seeking to ensure that the quality of the videos you edit remains the same.

It Allows Easy Removal of Watermarks Appearing in Intervals

The Remove Logo Now! Software is simple to use. It can allow users to remove watermarks that appear in intervals on one click. All you need to do is to select the video watermark and intervals to delete it completely.

remove watermark from that appears and then disappears on video

If you use the old methods, you will encounter challenges when it comes to cleaning up videos that have watermarks with intervals. You might have to follow a series of complicated procedures. The worst part of it all is that you might end up not removing the entire video watermark.

Find the Video Logo Automatically

One of the main reasons why you should consider using this software to clean up your videos is that it allows you to complete the procedure automatically. It gives you the convenience of locating the logo on your videos automatically. In other words, it is not a must for you to select the logo manually.

find logo automatically

Once you add your video to the program, it will scan and detect its watermark automatically. Most times, the software will detect the logo accurately. Therefore, this feature can help you to save time and shall assist you to avoid the drawbacks that come with selecting the logo manually.

Add Your Own Watermarks

In a case where you would like to use a pre-existing video to clarify something that is trending, removing the pre-existing video watermark could help to personalize it. This software allows you to clean up the video and remove any features that could trace it back to the original version.

replace watermark on video

The best part of it all is that the software features a series of algorithms that enable you to take further steps and edit the video using a new watermark. Adding your video watermark will help you make the video more credible and very specific to your topic.

Batch Mode

The batch mode helps to boost the performance of the software in terms of efficiency, flexibility, and convenience. This mode allows users to edit and remove watermarks on several videos on one click. They can upload several videos that they would like to edit, select the video watermark either manually or automatically, and remove it from all the videos with just one click.

remove watermark from videos in batch mode

All in all, the batch mode features specific algorithms that can work well if all the videos in one batch feature a similar watermark format. Therefore, it would be best to sort out the videos well and identify those that match before you upload them to the software.

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User Testimonials

  1. "The Remove Logo Now! Software is simple to install and works well on most of my videos."
  2. "I would recommend this software to anyone looking for a solution to editing videos that have distracting logos."
  3. "One thing I love about this software is the ease to use, as well as its advanced batch mode."

How to Remove Watermark from YouTube Video

There are several methods you can apply when trying to edit a YouTube Video. The easiest method would be to download the video that you want to edit and save it on a hard drive. Here, you can use a YouTube video download app or program.

remove watermark from Youtube videos

Next, you may use the Remove Watermark Now! Software to get rid of the logo or watermark. All the same, there are several online programs that can enable you to remove the watermark on a YouTube video without downloading it.

It would be best to mention that most online watermark remover program come with several risks. Some of the most common risks include malware issues. Also, the programs run slowly and are annoying to use. It will take a lot of time to edit one YouTube video using the online programs.

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Remove Watermark from Video Online

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Facts about Removing Watermarks from Video Online

Some people would prefer to remove watermarks from their video using online platforms. It would be best to mention that most online watermark removers attract a series of drawbacks that could impede the general quality of your videos.

Also, most online watermark removers are tough to use and require users to upload huge files. They involve a lot of tiresome procedures that might consume most of your precious time. The noble truth is that there is no good online video logo remover. In any case, here are some drawbacks of using such platforms to edit videos:

Fail Too Often

One of the most common disadvantages that you will encounter using online watermark removers is that they tend to fail often. There are times when the online programs will fail without even indicating the cause of the interruption. The fact is that these platforms require steady internet to work well.

In a case where you encounter unexpected internet interruptions, the program will fail instantly. The worst part of it all is that if the system fails, when you are editing videos, it might results in alterations to the video, mostly in terms of quality. At times, it might cut out some of the vital details.

Works Slowly

Another common drawback of using the online video watermark removers is the fact that they work too slow. Well, they entirely depend on the internet connection to perform their functions. If you live in an area where there is low internet connectivity, it might take hours to edit a short video.

Also, the online video watermark removers feature somewhat complicated algorithms. Most times, the service providers may fail to incorporate features that speed up the editing process. In such a circumstance, the video might take a lot of time to upload, which wastes time.

Expensive Pricing on Premium Plans

Although online watermark removers involve an array of drawbacks and risks, developers tend to price too much on their premium plans. Most times, users must pay a subscription fee to access vital features of the programs.

In some other cases, you cannot access the program unless you pay a fee. Generally speaking, most regular, effective watermark removers are free of charge. For that reason, online watermark removers are the priciest.

Some most common online programs that offer the watermark removing features include:

  • Apowersoft Apowersoft online video watermark remover
  • video watermark remover online

Remove Video Watermark from video on Android and iOS

Remove Logo from Video (Android)

There are several steps that you must take when it comes to removing logos or watermarks from your videos on Android. The first step would be to identify, download, and install the most reliable video editor application to use.

Remove Logo From Video Android

There is an array of apps that you can choose from the Play Store. Nevertheless, you must ensure that you conduct extensive research and also check on the available customer reviews to choose the most appropriate application.

Next, you must install the app on your Android device and launch it ready for use. You can check out the guidelines that the app developer provides to learn how to use the application. In most cases, the app will guide you through finding, marking, and cutting off the watermark from your videos.

Video Eraser (iOS)

The procedure to remove the watermark from your video on iOS is much like that of removing it from your videos on Android. You must visit the app store to find, download, and install the app to your iPad or iPhone.

Video Eraser, remove logo from video on iPhone

After installing the application, you will tap on the “+” sign to add the videos that you would like to edit. Next, you will select the remover watermark and tap on the start button to run the application.

Alternative Ways to Remove Watermark from Video

Generally, using a software or application can make it easier for you to remove logos and watermarks from your videos. However, these are not the only available procedure that you can apply. Several other manual methods might give you the results that you desire. Some of these methods include:

Crop Video Borders

There are several programs such as

  • Free Video Cropper Free video cropper, remove watermark from video
  • Movavi Video Editor remove watermark from video in Movavi Video Editor
  • VSDC Free Video Software (VideoSoftDev) remove watermark from video by cropping using VSDC Free Editor

That software allow users to add, zoom, and crop out watermarks from their videos. These video editors allow users to clip the unwanted parts of the video, for example, distracting logos and watermarks.

However, it is vital to make sure that you download and install a tool that is effective and does not attract any sorts of malware. In any case, the program should offer its features for free or at a cost that you can afford.

Place Your Watermark over another One

Many other programs will allow you to place your video watermark over the pre-existing one. Although these programs do not remove the video watermark, they can give you a straight forward option when it comes to adjusting the logos on your videos.

Some most common programs under this category include:

  • Visual Watermark Video Remove visual watermark from video
  • Batch Picture Protector Replace watermark on video using batch picture protector

They are available in different options but attract several risks that are mostly associated with malware issues.

Use VSDC DeLogo Filter

The VSDC DeLogo Filter is one of the most reliable tools that you can use to edit your videos. It has a feature that is compatible with both Windows and android allowing for efficiency and top performance. The good thing about this video filter is that it will deliver favorable results, and it is somewhat simple to use.

Remove watermark from video using VSDC Delogo Filter

How to Remove Watermark on MAC

Remove Watermark in iMovie

The iMovie is a free Mac video editor that will allow you to crop your videos and add your video watermark easily. It also has a feature that enables users to replace the pre-existing logo with a different text or picture.

Remove watermark from video on Mac using iMovie - beforeRemove watermark from video on Mac using iMovie - after


The bottom line is that it is possible to remove the watermark from your videos. Well, there times when the watermarks can become distracting to the overall efficiency of your video to convey the details you intend to deliver.

A very common instance is the time when the video watermark if outdated or it represents a brand that you do not what to include in your latest posts. Luckily, this post has discussed the importance of ensuring that you update the watermark

It has covered the best tool that you can use. Most importantly, it discusses how the software works and further warns you about the risks and challenges of using other methods to remove the video watermark.

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Video Watermark Removing FAQ

How Do I Get Rid Of Filmora Watermark?

You can tap on the video icon to select the Remove Watermark option. Next, you will select the area you would like to cut from the video and select the start option to initiate the program. Also, you can check out the preview by clicking on the Processed Tab.